Our Dog Training Services

Our programs cover every stage of development for your dog, from puppies to adults and our packages are available as dog training in your home for extra convenience.

Behavior Modification:

Ability to shape, change or eliminate an unwanted behavior. This is done by modifying or turning the negative behavior into the desired behavior.

Basic Obedience:

Includes following and learning voice commands and hand signals such as sit, stay, down, come and heal. All of this training is done on leash.

Intermediate Obedience:

Includes all basic commands in addition to place command, remote commands and control stay. This training will be done 50% on leash and 50% off leash.

Advanced Obedience:

This training conducted off leash. It includes long distance commands around live distractions and temptations with fast recalls. Reinforcement of all basic and intermediate commands will be incorporated.

Puppy Training:

This training includes education and guidance for owners on proper puppy behavior. It is the precursor to obedience training which includes house breaking, proper food and water schedules, crate training, toy introduction, chewing, play biting and leash introduction.

Rehabilitation and Aggression Reduction:

Rehabilitation training will help to reduce fears due to traumatic events, while aggression reduction training will help to desensitize the dog’s response to triggers and bad conditioning.

Our Dog Training Packages

Dog Training in Your Home/Behavior Modification:

**Note: In cases of 2 dogs, both dogs will be trained simultaneously or 30 minutes for each dog.

Package I:

Basic Obedience: Six one-hour sessions.

Training: Following and learning voice commands and hand signals such as “sit”, “stay”, “down”, “come” and “heel”. All of this training is done on leash.

  • “Sit”:  Voice and hand signal.
  • “Stay”:  To achieve control of the dog while standing, opening doors and crossing the street while on the leash.
  • “Down”:  With a hand and voice command, the dog will learn to lay flat on the floor until given a different command. Note: The length of the command will depend on dog’s age and physical capabilities.
  • “Come”: This command teaches the dog to come (return to handler) and is the foundation of recall.
  • “Heel”: This command teaches the dog to walk on the leash at the left side of the owner and respond to auto stops.

Package II:

Intermediate Obedience: Eight one-hour sessions (twice a week)

Intermediate Obedience:
This includes all basic commands in addition to “place” commands, remote commands and a controlled “stay”. This training will be done 50% on leash and 50% off leash.

  • “Place”: A designated area of rest and control where the dog must remain. (Example: The dog will remain on the doggie pillow while owner is eating and working in home office)
  • “Free Walk Heel”: This command will allow the dog to walk next to the handler in a free form remaining within five feet of the owner off of the leash, while still being responsive to directional changes.
  • “Long Stay”: The dog will learn how to “stay” up to 2 – 3 minutes from multiple distances. This will allow the handler to have better control and allow the owner to have more confidence with the dog.
  • “Off Leash Come”: This time we will use the foundation and extend it to the next level. This includes a 15 -30 feet “come”.
  • “Remote Down”: Raising your hand within the dog’s line of vision and/or giving a voice command and the dog responding to the “down” command from 15-30 feet away.

Package III :

Advanced Obedience and Socialization: Twelve one-hour sessions (twice a week)

Advanced Obedience:
This training is conducted all off leash and includes long distance commands around live distractions and temptations with fast recalls. Socialization and control techniques, drills and utility session are all a part of this advanced package. Reinforcement of all basic and intermediate commands will also be incorporated.

Socialization/Control I:
This includes outdoor sessions conducted at a local park, store, dog park or desired neighborhood. This session will be performed mostly by the trainer to ensure that both the dog and handler have an opportunity to learn. The trainer will teach the dog how to behave and handle different types of distractions. The handler will have the opportunity to practice during the last 15 minutes of the session. Examples of distraction include: other dogs, people, children and animals.

Socialization/Control II:
This session will mostly be conducted by the handler, side-by-side with the trainer. The trainer will have the opportunity to evaluate both behavior and handling techniques learned and practiced by the owner from the previous session.

Utility Session:
In this session, the trainer will help owner with an activity of daily living. This may include one of these areas: going up stairs, jumping in the car, learning how to use the doggie door and going inside your purse. This may even include a trip to the vet.

Trick Session:
This session is optional and may be replaced by more utility training, socialization and/or control training.

BONUS: When group lessons are conducted, you and your dog are welcomed to come at no additional charge. Every client also has a 1-year anniversary free session.

Training hours:

9AM – 8PM Monday through Friday
9AM – 4PM on Saturdays
CLOSED on Sundays

A 24-hour notice is required for cancellations. Failure to cancel the session before 24 hours will require payment of $25.00. If we come to you & (whoops!) either you or Buddy forgot we were coming, a $50.00 fee will be charged for this “no show”.

Payment Methods:

We accept personal checks, cash and credit cards (addition transaction fee will be charged for credit cards). Returned checks are subject to a $35 bank fee and a $20 late fee.

A 50% deposit is required up front on the first day of the first session with the additional 50% due three weeks later. When paid in full, the packages are good for three months from date of purchase. No refunds or transfers are accepted.

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